The Stroke Center-Dallas
T. Boone Pickens Institute of Health Sciences
5500 Southwestern Medical Ave.
Dallas, TX 75235

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The Stroke Center - Dallas

Innovative Brain-Based Treatments for Aphasia

We are currently looking for qualified individuals for clinical trials exploring non-invasive electrical brain stimulation combined with language therapy for the treatment of aphasia following stroke. For more information on being included in our clinical trials, please see our Research page.

The Referral Process

Individuals may be referred by physicians, rehabilitation specialists, family or self. We will conduct an interview to determine if the individual is likely to benefit from the services provided. If so, we will schedule a comprehensive assessment of communication, motor and psychosocial needs. For more information about opportunities to participate, please see our Research page.

Referral Form [pdf]

Demonstration Training Center

We offer a unique opportunity for patient treatment and student/professional training based on current knowledge regarding cognitive, physical and psychosocial recovery for a person post stroke. There are three distinct components of our programs: The Center operates five 6-week sessions each year. Services include individual and group speech/language therapy, consultation by physical therapy and occupational therapy on an individual basis and psychosocial counseling.

Financial Information

Student training services are offered for a minimal charge. Individuals who qualify for ongoing clinical research trials receive treatment without charge.